Riviera Audio Laboratories s.r.l. was founded in January 2017: it aims to produce innovative quality products for the highest end of the audio market. Riviera has brought together the complementary skills of three members to produce audio components aimed at bringing new advances in analogue sound, merging passion, technology and innovation. First and foremost, Luca Chiomenti is the company’s audio designer and engineer. He has been designing and manufacturing Hi-Fi systems since the 1990s, combining both technical expertise and craftsmanship which now find their expression in Riviera products. Silvio Delfino deals with imports and exports. He has tried and tested experience in global marketing and sales in the field of Italian audio high end. He now turns his considerable expertise to Riviera. Marco Muzio is an expert in industrial design and rendering for mechanical applications; he brings to Riviera his outstanding skills to chassis design and manufacturing. Riviera is the future to be heard in analogue.