At the heart of each Riviera product lies years of research: from the study of non-conventional circuits to specialized manufacturing.

At the root of every new project lies a wealth of research regarding the selection of the highest quality materials to ensure maximum reliability and quality, the production strictly controlled at every phase to guarantee that every component in a Riviera unit is used to its fullest potential to ensure a final product that is second to none in today’s market.

It’s an open secret to every serious audio designer that relying on traditional measurements does not necessarily guarantee audio nirvana; that is why Riviera places such importance in listening to its amplifiers.

In fact, Riviera restarts from the basics and takes great pride in having studied the literature of electroacoustic written in the last hundred years. It was necessary to redefine the electrical characteristics of an audio amplifier. Riviera’s benchmark remains the live listening experience: Riviera’s philosophy is that a Hi-Fi system must be able to reproduce a sound event which is the closest possible to what a listener would hear in a live context.

To achieve these goals Riviera has made specific choices regarding circuitry and applied technologies:

  • Zero Overall Feedback
  • “Class A” amplification at every stage
  • Hybrid circuitry, with valves (triodes) for signal processing and solid state (BJT and Mosfets) for the power stage
  • Electrical values chosen by listening

Riviera is the true expression of the ‘Made in Italy’ brand: where innovation and design are matched to an unparalleled level of excellence.